Saturday, October 20, 2007

Seven Flagship Applications in MSC Malaysia

1. Electronic Government – to lead country into the Information Age and as well as improve the convenience, accessibility and quality of interactions with citizens and business; also policy development, coordination and enforcement.
2. MyKad – to enables for government and private application providers without duplications of effort and investment; also offers enhanced services and security to users.
3. Smart School – to National Education Philosophy, terms to teach and learn for the information-base society.
4. Telehealth – to make Malaysian healthcare system more integrated, equitable and accessible without compromising on quality services.
5. R&D Cluster – efforts among leading-edge corporations, public research institutions and universities.
6. Economic Business – to create e-business environment and this is competitive as a major world economic power.
7. Technopreneur Development – to conduct business in MSC such as:
· Comprehensive package for investor
· Strong socio-economic fundamentals
· Firm commitment from the Government
· Training for Accelerated human resource development
· Do business for competitive costs
· Ready to be access in the Asia-Pacific markets
· Widespread usage of English